đŸ”„eWOW #19: Combating GaslightingđŸ”„

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation intended to introduce doubt in a targeted individual making them question their own skills, confidence, and sanity. Gaslighting is emotional abuse and you can be dealing with it at home or at work.

In last one week, I have spoken to at least 3 women who are being emotionally abused by their spouse or by their managers/coworkers. One of these women, is a very dear friend whom I have known for years. Extremely talented, smart! I was surprised when she opened up to me about the emotional abuse she has been suffering at home for over 15 years now. My first words to her were “get out of it, why are you still in the relationship”.

But as I started talking to her, I realized that it wasn’t easy for her to get out of the situation! She had no confidence left, she had panic attacks, and her emotional hurt had started manifesting in physical pain.

This podcast is on how do you identify if you are being gaslighted at home or at work? And what do you do to get out of the situation?

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