šŸ”„eWOW #20: Becoming an EntrepreneuršŸ”„

There have been many times in my career when I have thought of starting something of my ownā€¦be my own boss, work on something I am passionate aboutā€¦And I am sure you have thought about it too – either in times of frustration when things were not great at work or when you had a great idea which you thought was worth pursuing.

But there are various reasons why we decide against starting something of our own. For me, I was always passionate about building an intellectual platform for women leaders. But the fear of ā€œhowā€ I would make it happen always stopped me. Last year, I just woke up one morning and asked my husband- how does ā€œeWOWā€ sound? He said ā€“ for what? And I said for my new initiative, empowered women of the world and there it was. So how can you start something of your own without letting yourself stand in your way? This podcast details the steps to get started for free.

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