🔥eWOW #26: Feeling Invisible?🔥

I want to extend a warm welcome our audience in Estonia.
Yes Estonia is the 31st country to have eWOW audience. I also want
to welcome our women veterans who recently joined the eWOW platform.

Have you ever felt invisible at workplace or in social
settings because you are a woman?

Have you been made to feel as if you don’t exist because
you are a woman?

And have you been denied a promotion, or had your accomplishments not been acknowledged because you are a woman?

Three tips on how to avoid feeling invisible and link to daily Detox Affirmations: https://rashimmogha.com/2018/10/29/positive-affirmations-they-work/

Please consider supporting this podcast so that we can empower women globally: anchor.fm/rashim-mogha/support .

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