Speaking Topics

  • Geek Girl X @Oracle, Redwood Shores

While American women hold 52% of all professional-level jobs, only 20% of them hold executive, senior leadership, and management positions in U.S. high-tech industries. Research has shown that while women have a potential to be strong leaders, they fail to climb the corporate ladder because they think that by just doing great work, they will be promoted to leadership positions. Not True! This session targeted at emerging leaders cracks the code. (Note: While this session was originally created for Women in Tech, everything we discuss in this session can be used by men to fast-track their leadership career). In this session, I dive deep into 10 key areas where you can focus right now to pave your road to the leadership positions. Click here for sample video.

  • Building Voice Experiences: Learn to Create Alexa Skills

Do you know that 1 in 6 US adults owns a voice-enabled device? Voice is the new standard- It is estimated that by 2020, over 200 million searches per month will be done with voice. With over 22 million Alexa devices sold in 2017, there is already a massive voice platform that you can use to share your content and programs with the world! In this session, I will teach you how to design and develop voice experiences (or Alexa skills) that engage customers by solving real challenges or entertaining them through delightful experiences. Click here to see my Alexa Skills published on Amazon Store.

  • PoP UP © Workshop

PoP UP( Power of Positivity UPwards) © empowers people to achieve their professional and personal goals. These goals can be around health, relationships, or career but the underlying methodology to achieve them is the same. In this workshop, I collaborate with the participants to design a realistic solution using my PoP UP methodology to help them realize, visualize, and actualize their goals.

  • The Making of a Mindful Leader

Did you know that 68.5% employees are disengaged at work! Organizations report 65% lower share price over time and 18% lower productivity because of disengaged employees! Mindful leaders have the power to positively influence employee engagement and organizational productivity. In this talk, I take participants through the 7 steps to be a Mindful leader. Click here for a sample video.

  • Driving Business through Training

A robust training strategy plays an integral role in driving the success of an organization. It is a known fact that training enables employees, partners and customer adopt new products and services and therefore drives business. In this talk, targeted at training, enablement, certification, and L&D professionals, I take participants through the process of identifying various factors that influence an organization’s training decisions. I analyze these factors alongside the industry trends and innovation in the industry to help them create a training strategy that drives business. Click here for sample videos.