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And to ensure that you don’t forget the template, there is an accompanying
Fast-Track Your Leadership Career Guided Journal too!

What Readers Say!

In Fast Track Your Leadership Career, Rashim Mogha, inspires women (really anybody) to own their leadership journey with purpose and intention. An easy read, it is like taking a deep breath of fresh air and recognizing that career success and effective leadership are attainable for us all. I have been writing in the accompanying Journal and have found that once I commit to what Rashim recommends, I become more confident and focused on my career enablement in creative and agile ways. Great for individuals, teams, and organizations alike! – Amazon Customer

I heard Rashim speak at a conference that I attended and 5 minutes into hearing her speak, I bought the book. I’m currently going through a career transition and the practical advice she has to offer even helps me as I’m currently going through a career transition in the way that I’m gaining insight on how to market myself to future employers as well as building up a support team and applying tips she shared on how to network better. I highly recommend reading this book if you’re looking to grow in your career. – Keynote Attendee

Great book – hard to put down once you start! Rashim cuts straight to the point in every chapter, avoiding the bookish, wordy language often used in career books.

The book is written in a conversational style, which made it a very easy read. I love how this book caters to both men and women in any stage of their leadership journey, but particularly enjoyed reading the “Women’s Perspective” section towards the end of every chapter.  – Amazon Customer

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