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* Rashim Mogha – 100 Keynote Speakers of  2019 by Databird Research Journal*

Rashim Mogha is recognized as “100 Keynote Speakers of  2019” by Databird Research Journal. DataBird


* My Workshop “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” at Together Women Achieve *

Together Women Achieve empowered by #Dell and my workshop “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” covered  by SmartMeetings. My book was also featured on the swag bar!


*My Interview with Women lead Radio*

Michelle Bergquist, CEO of Connected Women of Influence  interviewing me:

My #1 Amazon Best Seller  “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” , glass ceiling in the tech space, mindful leadership, and all things women in technology.

*My Interview with Pitchwerks *

I had a great time being on Scot MacTaggart‘s Pitchwerks podcast and talking about my book “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career”, # 1 Amazon Best Seller. Buy here.

Enjoy the Podcast :

*My videos for Association for Talent Development (ATD) on “Training and Enablement” for Cloud Computing*

Amanda Smith from ATD interviewing me on Training and Enablement strategy and emerging trends in the Training Industry.Enjoy and share!

*My Interview with the Business Blast *

Really fun podcast this week with Tyler Wagner! I talk about continuous learning, mindfulness, identifying your super power, and my upcoming book for emerging leaders.

*My Talk on “Fast Tracking your Leadership Career” for Emerging Leaders at Women Transforming Technology (WT2) Conference*

Video recording of my talk on fast tracking your leadership career at the Women Transforming Technology #WT2SV conference on May 22 at VMware HQ, Palo Alto. Enjoy and share!

*My article “The Magic of Mindfulness” makes it to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global*

As many of you know, I frequently talk about #mindfulness at various events and #conferences and share my experiences. My blog on how to practice mindfulness is now available on #ThriveGlobal – an initiative led by Arianna Huffington

* covers my Mindful Leadership Program for Youth *

Article Link: Tri-valley Patch covers my Mindful Leadership program for youth.


In today’s overworked, over scheduled and over whelmed lifestyle, we are living under constant stress of catching up with the fast pace. The same is true for our children. Practicing Mindfulness helps us be present in the moment which in turn helps with better focus, clarity and creativity. Mindful leadership applies the principals of mindfulness to help us be better leaders and positively impact our community.

Rashim Mogha, mindful leadership coach and Senior Director at Oracle and Sherry Hu, serial entrepreneur with guidance from David Haubert, Mayor of Dublin, collaborated with Beyond Academy to launch the first ever “Mindful Leadership Program” for tri-valley youth. This 6 week program was focused on helping children with emotional intelligence, self-discipline and destressing techniques. It also focused on inculcating the virtues like gratitude, mutual respect, and appreciation. Children from San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore attended this program.

* My article on Optimism Fosters Success makes it to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global *

My article on Optimism Fosters Success now live on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global:…/19047-optimism-fosters-succe…Girl Geek X Thrive Global


* LaToya from SheNomads interviews me on my thoughts on work-life balance and fastracking corporate career *

Interview by LaToya Allen | Video and Images by Rashim Mogha

This month, we’re taking a deeper dive into work-life balance.  Oracle Senior Director, for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,  Rashim Mogha started off as a software engineer and has always worked with global teams.  She shares with us how she maintains work-life balance while making progress in her career.

Read and watch the interview here.

*Forbes covers my thoughts on ” Training, Certification, Diversity and Inclusion, and being a Hero” *

 Forbes coverage Link :  Become A Software Hero: Top 10 Priorities For Growth-Oriented Developers In 2018


Become a cloud architect.

Are you good at seeing the big picture? You might be able to fill the growing demand for cloud architects. Software developers are best positioned to make the leap to cloud architect, because you’re used to tying together services, logic, and data into a total solution using cloud-native programming platforms.

According to LinkedIn’s annual look at the most popular job market skills, cloud and distributed computing skills continue to be vital as enterprises move their workloads to the cloud. Certification is one way to validate your knowledge against industry benchmarks and demonstrate your ability to lead successful deployments. For example, there’s a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect certification that shows your deep understanding of cloud services and requires about six months of hands-on experience. The certification includes a digital badge for resumes and social media profiles.

Embrace mindful leadership

Seeking out leadership roles in the tech industry can help grow your soft skills, which will be increasingly in demand, says Rashim Mogha, senior director of product management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “One reason is that, because of AI, some ‘mindless’ technology roles are going to be automated. That means emotional intelligence and mindful leadership will play a bigger role,” she says.

Another important trend in 2018 will be inclusiveness, which has been shown to result in broader solutions, greater innovation, and better decision-making. “One part of inclusiveness is diversity, and we have gotten better at that. But the bigger part is inclusion. Yes, you have 10 women on your leadership committee, but do you include them in your decision-making process?” asks Mogha.

Become a hero: Know your superpower.

In 2018, make your career your top priority using four steps suggested by Mogha. First, know your superpower — the special abilities that you bring to a project or position. Second, don’t just find a mentor, she says, find a sponsor who can promote you. Third, “Know that you have a seat at the table for a reason. Don’t be afraid to speak out,” Mogha says. Finally, give back to the community, be it by mentoring others, volunteering, or speaking at conferences such as Oracle Code.

*Forbes covers my “Super Power” talk*

 Forbes coverage link:   Oracle Hosts Bay Area Girl Geeks And Asks: What’s Your     Superpower?


On Superpowers

Kaval asked the Oracle execs what each of their “superpower” is.

“I have the ‘make it happen’ power. Some people are good with strategic ideas, and others are good at creating the execution plan—my superpower blends the two,” said Rashim Mogha, senior director of product management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. A male executive was the first to point this out to her:  “I realized a while ago that I was constantly given ambiguous projects that required diving deep into the problem to create a solution, and that my team depended on me to translate that strategy into a plan that they could execute on.”

Mentoring and Management

Indeed, a woman engineer from another tech company with a master’s in computer science (who declined to be named) told me she wanted to transition into product management, and had come to the event in hopes of meeting a mentor. She got her chance after the panel to talk one-on-one with Mogha.

“I want to create a relationship with a product manager who can tell me the personality traits I need—or that I should just stay in engineering. It’s very difficult to do this in a corporation where they don’t promote women leaders. Without this Girl Geek event, you don’t know who could help you, or if they’ll give you the right advice. What Rashim did—that was incredible,” she said, enthusing about how Mogha had mentioned spearheading her own project and getting the PMP certification (actions this engineer had already taken) and offered to review her resume after the event.

* My insights published on Association of Talent Development (ATD) *

 Rashim Mogha Insights on Training, Certification, Training Outsourcing, and Mindful Leadership