What Clients Say!

“We were thrilled to have Rashim Mogha open as our keynote speaker for the Women Who Code Cloud 2019 premier developer conference in San Francisco. She brought a wealth of technical knowledge, and as an enthusiast of life’s journey, she inspired the attendees not only to seek opportunity, but to create it and to advocate for themselves throughout their careers- just absolutely inspiring and a great way to kick off our event! ” – Amanda Hill-Attkisson,  Program Innovation Director – Women Who Code

“Rashim led the Fast-Track Your Leadership Career workshop at the Together Women Achieve event by Dell and Haute Rock in San Francisco. She is genuine and an authentic speaker who connects with her audience on a personal level. Attendees were thrilled to hear about her journey,  her perspective as a women in tech evangelist, and to receive a copy of her book. I look forward to  Rashim being a regular speaker at our events and inspiring the audience!”  – Liz Lathan, EVP, Global Events, Haute Rock Creative  

“Rashim Mogha led the Fast-Track Your Leadership Career workshop at LinkedIn. Her session was interactive, informative and fun and the audience left inspired and motivated. Her real-life examples with key takeaways resonated with a large and diverse audience. Rashim is very approachable thought leader who truly embodies mindfulness and instantaneously connects with the audience.  I’m looking forward to collaborating with her on many more sessions at LinkedIn.” – Sheetal Bhandari, Women Leader, LinkedIn

 “Rashim Mogha’s session at the WT2 Conference was very popular with an overflow crowd.  I had to give up my seat and literally was standing outside watching!  Her session was one of the highest rated sessions of the conference. It brought key insights to the types of skills and qualities needed to fast-track a career in Leadership. Rashim is an energetic and spontaneous speaker. She connected with the audience instantaneously and provided them with thoughtful takeaways they will use to accelerate their career goals.” – Deanna Kosaraju , CEO of Global Tech Women

“As Community Leader of Oracle Women’s Leadership Tech Community, I have collaborated with Rashim on keynotes targeted at technical women. Rashim was personally nominated by Oracle’s President, Thomas Kurian, to be a featured speaker at our largest event to date: Oracle’s first Girl Geek X event (500+ attendees). Rashim is an inspiring, personable, and confident speaker: she kept the audience engaged and attendees greatly benefited from her valuable insights into leading a successful career in tech and transitioning to leadership roles. Her session was a key highlight and helped ensure that the event was a great success.” – Leor Chechik, Director – Oracle Women Lead 

“Rashim is without a doubt one of the best and brightest thought-leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with. Rashim’s session – Making of a Mindful Leader welcomed over 600 registrants. Rashim did a wonderful job as a speaker – she was engaging, thought-provoking, and practical. We truly look forward to continuing our partnership with Rashim on sessions that make an impact and that matter. She is truly one of a kind.” –Ryan Changcoco Association for Talent Development

“Rashim was the Keynote Speaker at our International Workshop on the use of  ICT in transforming traditional learning to virtual learning. She spoke on effective blended and hybrid education, flipped classrooms and how social learning platforms help with a comprehensive continuous learning experience. She is a very articulate and enthusiastic speaker. The depth of her knowledge in the domain combined with her charming personality and energy created an instant engagement with the audience. Rashim’s session was inspiring and set the tone for a successful event.” –  Dr. Kalyani Srinivas, PES Modern College of Engineering

“Rashim is an enthusiastic and dynamic speaker. Her inspirational talks leave her audience feeling inspired and motivated to take their ideas to the next level. Her ability to capture the audience and talk about complex topics like mindful leadership in a storytelling format appeals to varied audiences. She led the Mindful Leadership program for tri-valley youth and the energy was amazing! ” –  David Haubert , Mayor at City of Dublin, California

“I recently attended Rashim Mogha’s Mindful Leadership session. As a business owner, I found Rashim’s philosophies impactful and tangible, focusing on our inner energy, and on effective ways to inspire and lead others. Rashim follows a methodical approach of helping her clients visualize their success and create an action plan leading them to achieving their objectives.” – Rana Salman, CEO – Salman Consulting

“Rashim’s PoP UP session was interesting and empowering! It was a ‘Eureka moment’ for me. After attending her session, I am already working on chalking out my vision, and am excited about it! Worth the investment. ” – Pooja Dogra, CEO – The Tiny Dot