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*Update: “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career”is  # 1 Amazon Best Seller. Buy here *

I am very excited to share that my new book “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” will be released on Sept 28, 2018. The book will be available on Amazon for purchase both as a kindle copy as well as a printed copy. After almost every session that I have delivered past year, I received numerous requests for a book on this topic…so happy to bring it to you. To reserve your copy and get a special discounted price, please sign up below!

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Here’s a brief overview of the book:
If you think that by just exceeding your performance goals, you will land into a leadership role, you are mistaken. You need an integrated strategy for career advancement. This book provides a template for that integrated strategy. Concrete examples on how to identify your super power, build your brand, invest in yourself, navigate work politics, and build a support system will help you get started today on your road to success.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the support that I have received from influential leaders- Charu Sharma, Noelle LaCharite, Amit Chaudry, Deanna Kosaraju, David Haubert, Shalini Agarwal, Clay Magouyrk, Sapnesh Lalla, Jenny Tsai-Smith, Rana Salman and Beth Broderson and their endorsements for my book.

Advance Praise for Fast Track Your Leadership Career

I am thrilled that Rashim decided to write Fast Track Your Leadership Career. She has been on various leadership panels hosted by NextPlay and has coached Women in Tech on how to prepare for leadership roles. She has captured those insights and her real life examples in this book in the form of a template that can be used by anyone in a leadership role. While most of us seek mentors, very few people put a strategy together for finding a sponsor. Rashim advocates for being strategic about identifying sponsors and nurturing those relationships to advance your leadership career. She encourages readers to push the envelope and not be shy to ask sponsors to recommend them for a promotion or a job that they are interested in when the time comes.
—Charu Sharma, Founder of Go Against the Flow movement, CEO NextPlay, Inc., Author of Go Against the Flow, TEDX speaker, and a Power Woman. (Charu was enlisted as a “Power Woman” by Youth Incorporated magazine in March 2012 alongside notables as Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Gandhi, and Melinda Gates.)

This book is for all emerging leaders. It takes a holistic approach on how to prepare for a leadership role. Today’s corporate world is volatile, unpredictable, and ambiguous and it is important that emerging leaders build resilience to be able to manage the corporate stress and lead teams effectively. Vince Lombardi once said, “Great leaders are made and not born”. Leadership is all about exhibiting confidence and decisiveness and these skills are honed over time through learning and observation. This book dives deep into key focus areas for personal growth and development and provides great learning through excellent observations and examples. Rashim is a ferociously dynamic leader with a “make it happen” superpower. She has been instrumental in driving success in various areas in different organizations in the last 15+ years. A firm believer in power of positivity, Rashim is a thought leader and exactly the right person to write this book. Fast Track Your Leadership Career is certain to give you the foresight and confidence to navigate work issues with ease and fast track your career to greater leadership heights.
—Amit Chaudhry, Vice President, DataStax

A must read and reread for aspiring leaders. In this book, Mogha provides an actionable guide to improve leadership skills which can be applied world-wide. Her innovative and integrated strategy provides concrete examples of how to build your brand, prepare for a career and not just a job, and network. These are critical aspects of preparing for any leadership role and you will find yourself coming back to this book again and again for insights. Rashim is a recognized Women in Tech Evangelist and this book is a result of her passion to give back and prepare a force of emerging women leaders for their next role.
—David Haubert, Mayor of Dublin, CA and Founder of Trinity Consulting

A must-read for emerging women leaders. Rashim’s Fast Track Your Leadership Career provides a template on how to prepare for a leadership career. In this book, she weaves in actionable and easy to implement advice with real life experiences that provide a robust framework for leaders. She provides a fresh perspective to leadership by including aspects of mindful leadership and how to lead with compassion.
—Clay Magouyrk, Senior Vice President, Oracle

Fast Track Your Leadership Career offers great insights and specific practices that Rashim has applied and tested in her leadership journey, such as acquiring skills required for the next role and finding right sponsors. It is a guide that emerging leaders need to succeed in their leadership journey.
—Sapnesh Lalla, CEO, NIIT LTD

This book provides practical advice on how to take control of your own career and pave your road to leadership positions. Fast Track Your Leadership Career dives into key areas that are critical in one’s journey into leadership roles. Rashim’s own story and her career growth demonstrate the power of following these best practices. She covers topics that are real and doesn’t shy away from discussing barriers that prevent competent people from reaching their career potential.
—Rana Salman, Leadership Coach and CEO, Salman Consulting

Rashim’s wisdom is so fresh, so inspiring. In Fast Track Your Leadership Career, I especially appreciate her empowering focus on “finding your super power”. How many of us really believe that we have super powers? With Rashim’s approach, we can all find those super powers within us. Perhaps the freshest kernel of wisdom comes when Rashim writes about finding a sponsor! Her book mainstreams mindful leadership—a rarity in technology leadership discussions. Last but certainly not least, Rashim is an example to us all when it comes to building a personal brand. I hope you are as inspired as I was with Fast Track Your Leadership Career. A great perspective on accelerating career transformation.
—Beth Broderson, Group Vice President, Oracle

I am so excited to see this practical and sage advice! I wish I had a template like this to follow earlier in my career. I have found many of the points made in Fast Track Your Leadership Career to be extremely relevant for me. I can attribute much of the growth and success in my career to the implementation of Mindful Leadership practices and setting healthy boundaries for a better work-life balance. Thanks to Rashim, you can now learn from the lessons, mistakes, and challenges of those women who have gone before you. This book will help you accelerate your career. Having an actionable guide, like this, is the difference between having a good idea and taking action to change the world. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to be a better leader and help manage leaders in their organization. What an impactful resource!
—Noelle LaCharite, Tech Evangelist, Blogger, Cognitive Services Lead at Microsoft

Do you aspire to be recognized as a leader within your organization? Have you been searching for a blueprint that will help you gain the career advancement you deserve? You are holding in your hands a book that spells out the steps that will enable you to reach your goal. In Fast Track Your Leadership Career, Rashim Mogha not only shares her how-to template, but also insightful anecdotes and real-world lessons that led her to leadership positions in well-known technology companies such as Oracle Corporation. Open the pages and learn how discovering your “super power” and cultivating sponsors will fast-track you to your next career milestone.
—Jenny Tsai Smith, VP Startup ecosystem, Oracle

Rashim Mogha’s book, Fast Track Your Leadership Career, provides aspiring leaders a roadmap for their career journey. Each key area lays out the critical milestones to success in leadership along with the necessary detail and practical knowledge needed to be an authentic and thoughtful leader. This book is for any aspiring leader, as well as those who are already blazing the trail, but are looking for additional mentoring coupled with strategies on how to reach their career goals. Many leadership books are too high-level or do not provide the practical advice needed to put theories into practice. The useful methods provided here can be used immediately and with continued practice will yield the best results. Wishing everyone who picks up this book continued success!
—Deanna Kosaraju, Founder/CEO, Global Tech Women

Rashim is an inspiring leader and her book Fast Track Your Leadership Career provides a great toolset for empowering women to start their leadership journey. This book is based on her life experience and includes practical advice. She gives clear next steps on how to identify the super power that makes each of us unique to excel in the workplace and be happy at the same time.
—Shalini Agarwal, Director of Engineering, Women in Tech leader, LinkedIn

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