Join me on March 6, 2020 @Celebrating Women of Today event at FalconX Event Center

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to build and design my life beyond work so that I was happy. A life that gave me an opportunity to live “multiple lives” , to thrive, to give back to the community, and help emerging women leaders in tech be successful. As a woman of color in technology, I had experienced bias first hand. There were times when I was tempted to call it quits. But each of these adverse situations helped me emerge stronger. And I was very lucky to have the support from my network and sponsors which helped me be successful. So it was time for me to explore “other”lives – to give back and help other emerging women leaders.

It started with speaking and mentoring sessions and evolved last year through my book 🔥Fast-Track Your Leadership Career🔥 and the 🔥eWOW 🔥initiative. This year has been all about taking these initiatives forward and the validation came from the 💥Game Changer 💥and 💥Woman of Influence💥 awards.

Join me on March 6 @Celebrating Women of Today event at FalconX Event Center where I share my story and why I started eWOW.

Rashim Mogha – Keynote Speaker

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