Together Women Achieve!

In 2018, I got an opportunity to speak at a lot of conferences and events but one event that stood out was Together Women Achieve empowered by Dell. A think-tank unconference style event where women leaders in tech got an opportunity to get together, decide the agenda of the conference, and learn from each other. Attendees were not running from one session to another..instead they were busy having meaningful conversations and networking.

I was honored to be invited to the event to run “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” workshop…and to my surprise, my book “Fast-Track your Leadership Career” was in the swag bag for the attendees. We dove deep into how to identify sponsors, how to approach them, sample email text and questions, and then how to leverage them for career growth. The attendees loved the eWOW podcast and suggested some great topics to talk about in the upcoming podcasts:

Everything was thought through and well executed by #Dell and Liz and Nicole from Haute Rock who specialize in the “unconference style” events.  Attendees were greeted with hugs as they walked in..women connected with each other instantaneously and many including me formed connections that we will benefit from and together we will achieve!

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