Living “many” Lives

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to build and design my life beyond work so that I was happy. A life that gave me an opportunity to live “multiple lives” , to thrive, to give back to the community, and help emerging women leaders in tech be successful. It started with speaking and mentoring sessions and evolved last year through my book 🔥Fast-Track Your Leadership career🔥 and the 🔥eWOW 🔥initiative. This year has been all about taking these initiatives forward and the validation came from the 💥Game Changer 💥and 💥Woman of influence💥 awards.

As I spoke to Lisa Martin in my SiliconANGLE Media, Inc. interview yesterday at #WT2SV conference VMware, you can live many lives in this one life and can be happy in all those lives…all you need to do is to say “YES” to the opportunity!

Ted-Style talk by Rashim Mogha at Women Transforming Technology conference

The fourth WT2 conference was held on April 23, 2019 and this year’s theme was Inclusive Innovators. With Ashely Judd and Joy Buolamwini as keynote speakers, the conference hosted over 600 women in tech from Silicon Valley and an amazing energy. I got an opportunity to return as a speaker this year again and to lead two tracks: emerging leadership and technology.

  • My Ted-style talk “Project YOU! DevOps Approach to a Leadership Career“ for emerging women leaders  was based on my #1 amazon best seller, Fast-track Your Leadership Career released in sept 2018. In this talk, I covered the holistic strategy that emerging women leaders need to advance their leadership career.

  • In “Building Voice Experiences through Alexa Skills” session for tech audience, I spoke about conversational AI and the process of designing and developing Alexa Skills.

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