Join me on Sep 28 @Accenture San Francisco

Rashim Mogha- Keynote Speaker I am excited to be giving the opening keynote at #WWCodeCloud2019 on Sept 28th talking about impact that emerging women leaders will have in the 4th industrial revolution and my #1 Amazon best seller "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career". Look forward to meeting the @womenwhocode community. 😃 Women Who Code is the … Continue reading Join me on Sep 28 @Accenture San Francisco

Startup Idea? Let’s go!

Startup Idea? Let’s go!👍👍 Don’t kill your Idea🔥 in your mind! Getting stuck in the “how” of things stops many people from pursuing their dreams. They talk themselves out of taking the idea forward even before validating it and live with the guilt of not starting something of their own. If you have a startup … Continue reading Startup Idea? Let’s go!

Silicon Valley- Woman of Influence Award

Has it ever happened to you that you are so passionate about an idea or a change that you want to bring that you start on an initiative without a detailed plan and give your everything to it? If the answer is yes, then join the club! Last year, after releasing my book "Fast-track Your … Continue reading Silicon Valley- Woman of Influence Award

Continuous Learning

I hated going to school...ok maybe hated is too strong of a word. I didn't particularly like going to school (My kids think I LOVED school..and I prefer it that way😃 ). Whenever I would make an excuse for skipping school, my parents would say- If you study, get good grades, and eventually get into … Continue reading Continuous Learning

Living “many” Lives

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to build and design my life beyond work so that I was happy. A life that gave me an opportunity to live "multiple lives" , to thrive, to give back to the community, and help emerging women leaders in tech be successful. It started with speaking … Continue reading Living “many” Lives

Fast-Track Your Leadership Career Makes it to Top 30 Spectacular Books By Women For Women!

Yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful email from my publisher Bethany Kelly. My book "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career" made it to the Top 30 Spectacular Books by Women for Women list alongside books by Malala Yousafzai and Tina Fey! 🎉🎉🎉 . In last 4 months, I have received numerous emails from people who read my book. … Continue reading Fast-Track Your Leadership Career Makes it to Top 30 Spectacular Books By Women For Women!

The eWOW Podcast

As many of you know, exactly a month ago, we launched our first eWOW- empowered Women of the World podcast with a goal to to empower women around the world to discover, visualize, and actualize their success. In this weekly podcast, we talk about cool stuff - technology, leadership, mindfulness, and happiness. At the end … Continue reading The eWOW Podcast

Join me on Nov 15 – Together Women Achieve empowered by Dell

I am honored to be invited to run "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career" workshop, based on my #1 Amazon best seller "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career"  at Together Women Achieve, the first ever spontaneous Think Tank for women in technology.  I will also me sharing my free Alexa Skills at this workshop. Love the format of this "unconference"!  #sharingiscaring #womenintech #oracle #dell #leadership #FastTrackYourLeadershipCareer