Empowering Women through Linkedin Learning

Dream Team Empowering Women in Tech

Sometimes, when you make a seemingly small decision, you don’t know that it will have a big impact one day!
When I wrote “Fast-Track Your leadership Career” and started eWOW last year, I had no idea how it would give a purpose to me. I started with one goal- To empower women globally. We set a big goal to reach over 100,000 women in a year. I had no idea how we would reach that number…the how wasn’t important, the why was. And if you are passionate about the “why”, the opportunities start presenting themselves.

From creating Alexa skills, to launching the eWOW podcast and summit; From speaking at various organizations and conferences globally to collaborating with LinkedIn learning to record a course on sponsorship, various doors opened to empower and inspire women globally to be a leader, to be successful, to thrive!
I can’t wait for this course to be released and used by women to find sponsors!

Thank you to the Linkedin Learning team for an opportunity to share my story and experiences to empower and inspire emerging women leaders!

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