Introducing my YouTube Channel: Rashim Mogha

Since last couple of years , I have been very active in sharing my thoughts on women leadership, training and enablement, and mindfulness through speaking sessions, workshops, and webcasts. My friends, family, coworkers, and audience have loved the content and found value in it. Based on the feedback, I am excited to share the launch … Continue reading Introducing my YouTube Channel: Rashim Mogha

Expressing Gratitude

On June 11, I got an opportunity to conduct PoP UP © Workshop for OCI team in Seattle. It was a wonderful session attended by over 75 participants. The participants went through the process of identifying what happiness and success means to them and then put a process together to be successful in their life goals. As … Continue reading Expressing Gratitude

Oracle Friends – Join me on June 11 @Oracle Seattle – Harness the Power of Positivity workshop

Only for Oracle Employees Harness the Power of Positivity with Rashim Mogha Location: Oracle Seattle Office - 1501 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 In the Alki Room (conference room on the 3rd floor) Let's get you started on your journey to success. Whatever is your definition of success and your goals, the underlying methodology to … Continue reading Oracle Friends – Join me on June 11 @Oracle Seattle – Harness the Power of Positivity workshop

Building Resilience

We live an overwhelmed, over-scheduled, and overworked life. And our workplaces are volatile, ambiguous, and unpredictable. We stretch ourselves thin between personal and professional lives and have our own share of crises and challenges. Resilience helps us cope up with this VUCA environment. So how does one build resilience?

Remembering Vineet Whig!

It is almost two years since Vineet Whig left us…Like many of his mentees, his leaving this world was a shock for me. His death made me realize that I needed to live a life of purpose, for myself, for my family and my friends. I asked myself the question, “what would Vineet do?” and the … Continue reading Remembering Vineet Whig!

The Magic called “Mindfulness”!

I was recently speaking on Mindfulness at an event and it was wonderful to see how interested and engaged the audience was. For me, practicing mindfulness has worked like magic! It has helped me cope better with corporate stress, stay healthy, and have better personal and professional relationships. There are various definitions of mindfulness but … Continue reading The Magic called “Mindfulness”!