The eWOW Podcast

As many of you know, exactly a month ago, we launched our first eWOW- empowered Women of the World podcast with a goal to to empower women around the world to discover, visualize, and actualize their success. In this weekly podcast, we talk about cool stuff - technology, leadership, mindfulness, and happiness. At the end … Continue reading The eWOW Podcast

Project YOU!

  I was disappointed but I am happy! In my book "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career", I talk about investing in yourself - focusing on Project You. Learning new skills, meditating, exercising, doing things that help you focus on your next play. I like to invest in myself by learning new things. So last month, I … Continue reading Project YOU!

Leveraging Sponsors for Your Professional Growth: Video

In this video, we talk about how to leverage your sponsors once you have identified them and have had initial conversations with them.  #leadership #careergrowth #womenintech #jobseekers

Engaging With Sponsors for Your Professional Growth: Video

Gone are the days when your manager was the only person who influenced your promotion or your next move. In today's corporate environment, promotion of an individual is a group decision where many influential stakeholders have a say. And that's where sponsors play a role. They are critical to your professional growth. So how do … Continue reading Engaging With Sponsors for Your Professional Growth: Video

The Year So Far : 25,000 + Emerging Leaders Empowered

2018 has been a life-changing year for me. It was about time that I took on the mission of empowering and encouraging women in tech. #womenintech #leadership #womenleaders

3 Ways to Fast-Track Your Career

On Friday, Nov 2  Michelle Bergquist, CEO of Connected Women of Influence  had a conversation with me about my #1 Amazon Best Seller  "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career" , glass ceiling in tech space, mindful leadership, and all things women in technology. Here is the podcast for you to enjoy!  

Join me on Nov 15 – Together Women Achieve empowered by Dell

I am honored to be invited to run "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career" workshop, based on my #1 Amazon best seller "Fast-Track Your Leadership Career"  at Together Women Achieve, the first ever spontaneous Think Tank for women in technology.  I will also me sharing my free Alexa Skills at this workshop. Love the format of this "unconference"!  #sharingiscaring #womenintech #oracle #dell #leadership #FastTrackYourLeadershipCareer

Giving Back- 3 New Affirmations

After I released Leadership and Detox Affirmations, I got a lot of requests for Gratitude and Money affirmations. So, I bring to you 3 new sets of affirmations: Money Affirmations: Use these daily affirmations to prepare your mind to act on the opportunities that attract money! There is a new affirmation each day.  Enable it … Continue reading Giving Back- 3 New Affirmations

Detox Affirmations – Healing Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Today was the first day of Oracle Open World 2018 (#oow2018.)  It was a crazy busy day. Since I lead the customer enablement strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (#OCI), we had various events that my team was managing today- Oracle Cloud Innovation awards, OCI certification, various customer sessions, and our newly launched Jump Start Learning … Continue reading Detox Affirmations – Healing Your Mind, Body, and Soul