Fast-Track Your Leadership Career- Twitter Chat with

On Aug 27, invited me to do a Twitter Chat with its audience. The lead time was short (less than 6 hrs) but we had a great turnout. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the narrative around women in leadership has changed over years in India. I also got a chance to share excerpts from … Continue reading Fast-Track Your Leadership Career- Twitter Chat with

Join me on Sep 13 at Moms Can Code Summit

I'll be speaking at the #MomsCanCode Virtual Summit on September 13th at  1 pm EST! To register, go to and use code "friends" for $10 off registration. Session  Title: Avenues beyond Coding Overview: There is a world beyond coding. If you have technical acumen, there is a world of opportunities in the technical arena waiting for you. … Continue reading Join me on Sep 13 at Moms Can Code Summit

Featuring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This week, I got an opportunity to present to a group on 150+ technical folks and talk to them about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). OCI is Oracle's infrastructure offering with an array of services, the key ones being compute, storage, network, and database services. We had a wonderful audience who was interested in knowing the culture … Continue reading Featuring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Introducing my YouTube Channel: Rashim Mogha

Since last couple of years , I have been very active in sharing my thoughts on women leadership, training and enablement, and mindfulness through speaking sessions, workshops, and webcasts. My friends, family, coworkers, and audience have loved the content and found value in it. Based on the feedback, I am excited to share the launch … Continue reading Introducing my YouTube Channel: Rashim Mogha

Fast Tracking Your Leadership Career

Video recording of my talk on fast tracking your leadership career at the Women Transforming Technology #WT2SV conference on May 22 at VMware HQ, Palo Alto. Enjoy and share! As always, please like, comment, and share with your loved ones. For my new blog posts, please follow my website and connect with me on twitter: @rmogha Note: … Continue reading Fast Tracking Your Leadership Career

Remembering Vineet Whig!

It is almost two years since Vineet Whig left us…Like many of his mentees, his leaving this world was a shock for me. His death made me realize that I needed to live a life of purpose, for myself, for my family and my friends. I asked myself the question, “what would Vineet do?” and the … Continue reading Remembering Vineet Whig!