New Year, New Beginnings and What a Start!

Happy New Year! New year brings with it hopes and wishes for new beginnings, for success, health, and happiness. I am excited about this year…from a global movement around diversity and equality in the workplace, to Iceland mandating equal pay to women, to California mandating female board directors. Every conference I speak at, I see an increasing number of women determined to make a career in technology. They are driven and dedicated and committed. They are keen to learn and share. And there is data to prove it…the growing number of women who reach out to me after a session for coaching and plays for our eWOW podcast each week all show how the women in tech movement is getting stronger each day.

And on a personal note, this year started with a bang for me..I am honored and grateful🙏🏾 to make it to the 2019 list of “100 Keynote Speakers” by DataBird Research Journal along with other impressive speakers. What a wonderful start to 2019! I look forward to meeting and seeing you in the conferences that I speak at this year or hearing from you!

Here’s to our Success, Happiness, and Health! 🥂🥂


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