Continuous Learning

I hated going to school…ok maybe hated is too strong of a word. I didn’t particularly like going to school (My kids think I LOVED school..and I prefer it that way😃 ). Whenever I would make an excuse for skipping school, my parents would say- If you study, get good grades, and eventually get into a good professional college, you will be set for life. All this hard work now will pay off.

The moment I got my first job, I realized that what my parents told me wasn’t REALLY true – to stay relevant in my career, I will have to continuously unlearn and learn. I will need to invest in myself to upskill myself to grow. So now I am a lifelong learner. When I highlighted this in my book, Fast-Track Your Leadership Career, the concept of “taking out 30 minutes every day to invest in yourself” resonated a lot with the audience. Angelos Georgakis – leadership coach picked up the nuggets from the book and put it all together in this video.

I am so touched!! Angelos Georgakis, I had my eyes filled with tears of happiness as I watched your video. Thank you 🙏🏾🙏🏾 so much for sharing your thoughts and recommending ⚡️Fast-Track Your Leadership Career⚡️

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