Cloud Concepts: Determining Your Cloud Strategy

In this era of digital transformation, the move to cloud is inevitable.

In my new Linkedin Learning course, I walk you through several critical steps in determining your cloud strategy and guiding your company’s digital transformation. I explain hybrid and multicloud deployment models, then goes into how to make sure your stakeholders understand how the move to cloud will affect the business.

I also cover how to have roadmap discussions and create a roadmap. I help you determine how to pick the right project for proof of concept and how to ensure that you have a team that is open to change. I explain the roles and responsibilities of the Center of Excellence (COE) team, then explore how to create a robust enablement plan for the COE. In conclusion, I teach you about how to vet potential cloud partners and how to decide if you want MSP to be a part of your cloud journey strategy.

Defining the need to move to the cloud from Cloud Concepts: Determining Your Cloud Strategy by Rashim Mogha

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