Remembering Vineet Whig!

It is almost two years since Vineet Whig left us…Like many of his mentees, his leaving this world was a shock for me. His death made me realize that I needed to live a life of purpose, for myself, for my family and my friends. I asked myself the question, “what would Vineet do?” and the answer was right there. Vineet would start by reading, by researching. I still remember him talking about the books that he was reading in spite of his 20 hr days at work. So I read and researched and found my mojo in practicing mindfulness. I started practicing mindfulness 2 years ago, made significant changes in my personal and professional life to bring congruence between inner and outer world. The power of positivity is huge. When you start opening your eyes to it, happy encounters happen. Opportunities present themselves and you somehow form these amazing connections with positive and like-minded people who create a wonderful ecosystem of support and growth for everyone. I got an opportunity to meet, network, and interact with amazing leaders like Jenny Tsai, Kash Ifthikar, Vivian Wong, Devenderjit Singh Chadha, Monica Kumar, Amit Chaudhry, Rana Salman, Vasanthi Balasubramanian, Sherry Hu, and Charu Sharma. There is so much that I continue to learn from them. These leaders inspired me to give back. I took a leap of faith and started speaking about mindful leadership at various forums as my way of giving back and inspiring leaders to practice mindfulness. My family, Fransalian friends, NIITians, and my wonderful team at Oracle have been my support system and my cheerleaders in this journey (Many to tag here). The journey of self-discovery still continues and once again Vineet Whig is my mentor! And I will repeat what I said 2 years ago.. Vineet Whig stays with us..for many of us whom he mentored, Vineet Whig will never die!

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