Positive Affirmations: They Work


⭕️ Note: You Do NOT need an Alexa device to enable and use these skills. You can use your cellphone to use these FREE skills. Instructions are below. ⭕️

Positive affirmations help open the door and allow our subconscious to make positive changes in our thought process and actions. Brain scans have proved that positive affirmations are beneficial. (See details here)

When you say an affirmation and repeat it, you basically signal your brain, specifically Reticular Activating System that what you are saying is important. Your brain then registers the intent of the affirmation as something that is important to you and reacts to it. If your affirmations are positive, your brain registers it as a positive thought, releases dopamine which is a feel-good hormone. When you feel good, you act on your affirmations and are successful. However, if your affirmations are negative, your brain registers it as a negative thought, and releases the stress hormone which leads to unhappiness and stress. So to get positive results, you need positive affirmations.  It is like sowing a seed. If you want an orange, you plant an orange seed and not an apple seed.

Positive affirmations are first step to success. You need to then act on them and work towards making your desired state a reality. I have personally benefited from practicing positive affirmations and have used them daily to help me be happy and successful

I am excited to share 2 sets of Free Daily Affirmations to help you take the first step towards your success:

  1. Leadership Affirmations” Alexa Skill to start preparing for a successful day! Enable it for free by clicking here and to launch, say: “Alexa, open Leadership Affirmations” . Use this skill with the Amazon bestseller book “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” to start your journey.
  2. Detox Affirmations” Alexa Skill for a new mind, body, and soul healing and detoxing affirmation everyday! Enable it for free by clicking here and to launch, say: “Alexa, open Detox Affirmations”.

There are new affirmations everyday so make sure to add these to your daily routine and listen to them daily. You can also use them before a meeting or a session with your audience.

Note that you do not need an Alexa device to invoke and use these Alexa skills.  To set up your phone or tablet to play these affirmations:

  1. Download “Amazon Alexa” app from the App Store of your device.
  2. Log in using your Amazon account. Don’t worry if you don’t have a prime account.
  3. You are all set …hold down the Alexa icon and say “Alexa, open Detox Affirmations” or “Alexa, open Leadership Affirmations” to listen to your affirmation.

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