Fast-Track Your Leadership Career: Podcast interview with Pitchwerks


I had a great time being on Scot MacTaggart‘s Pitchwerks podcast and talking about my book “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career”, # 1 Amazon Best Seller. Buy here.

Enjoy the Podcast :

Scot and I connected on LinkedIn. He knew I was speaking at the MomsCanCode summit and was writing a book for emerging women leaders. We decided to talk and explore an opportunity to do the podcast. That 30 minute conversation led to a friendship that I will cherish as long as I live. It reconfirmed my belief in something that I say often- “When you open yourself to the world with heart full of positivity, opportunities present themselves and and you somehow form these amazing connections with positive and like-minded people who create a wonderful ecosystem of support and growth for everyone.”

Scot is not just a podcast host or a go-to market strategy leader. He also is an awesome human being, a person who excites you about your own idea again and again. I know that he is one of people whom I can rely on as my intellectual support system.

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