Fast-Track Your Leadership Career is #1 Amazon Best Seller!

September 28th was an emotional day for me…it was the release of my first  non-technical book. It had been over 10 years since my last book. The publishing scene nowadays is a lot different than what it was 10 years ago. The publishers are more experimental, promotions are now done via social media, and distribution through #Amazon..and I was nervous about all this.

Publishing a book is like giving birth to a child and putting it out to the world hoping that everyone sees the same beauty in it as you do…and I was nervous about it!

When my publisher said that she saw a potential in my book being a #1 Amazon best seller and she wanted me to put myself out there and talk about my book before it was released…I was nervous about it!

But I also knew that the experiences that I had talked about in the book were not unique to me. There are millions like be who face bias on daily basis because of their gender, color, or sexual orientation. And when I had started writing the book, I really didn’t care if it would be a best seller when it is released…All I cared about was making a difference in the career of emerging leaders by giving them a template which could help them fast-track their career. I was lucky to have sponsors, mentors, and my teams that supported me and helped shape up my career as a leader and this book was my way of giving back to the community. The few industry leaders who had endorsed the book, loved the idea which gave me the confidence for the release.

So on September 28, the book was available on Amazon both as a kindle and print version. I promoted it on social media and my publisher got her wheels in motion. Within 4 hrs of release, “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” was the #1 Hot New Release in multiple kindle and print categories.

hot new release

Then the wait started. My publisher was reviewing the sales every hour to keep track of the best seller ranking. I was anxious, so I took my own advice and meditated. It was hard to focus so I stepped away from my computer for a while.  Around 8:00 pm that evening, I got a message from my publisher that we made it to #1 Amazon Best Seller!

Best Seller

When I got the message, I didn’t know how to react! Those 11 hours were the most anxious hours of my life in a while. The amount of support, encouragement, and wishes that I received in those 11 hours firmed up my belief in power of positivity and my emotional and intellectual support system yet again. My heart is full of gratitude as I write this post today after 10 days of the release of my book.

In last 10 days, I have received numerous messages from my readers on how they loved the book and found actionable steps in my book to step into a leadership role. One of them has already identified her superpower and another one is in the process of identifying sponsors. Many have told me that they could relate to my experiences and have started building their brand and support system. I am touched by all these messages and am humbled to have an opportunity to give back to the community

In the meantime, Fast-Track Your Leadership Career continues to be the #1 Hot New Release in its category.

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