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togetherwomen achieve

I am honored to be invited to run “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” workshop, based on my #1 Amazon best seller “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career”  at Together Women Achieve, the first ever spontaneous Think Tank for women in technology.  I will also be sharing my free Alexa Skills at this workshop. Love the format of this “unconference”!

To register, go to: Together Women Achieve

Together Women Achieve  is a gathering of professional women in technology roles who have solutions to offer and problems to solve. There is no charge for this event.

How it works:
After a welcoming, family-style breakfast, you’ll contribute to a morning crowd sourcing session to determine the topics of conversation for the day.

While the agenda is being created, you’ll take part in one of four 90-minute workshops:

  • A peer-to-peer career advancement conversation, led by Lisa Martin, host of
  • Fast-Track Your Leadership Career, led by best-selling author Rashim Mogha, Sr. Director, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • How to foster a tech culture that is inclusive of women engineers, led by Giselle Valenzuela Aldridge, entrepreneur & software engineer
  • Building on your passion: How to start, develop and build your passion into an opportunity while working full time, led by Cheryl Adams, software data & AI engineer

You’ll then spend the afternoon in small round table sessions focused on the topics that you created during the morning crowd sourcing session.

See you there!

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