Startup Idea? What do VCs look for?

You have a great startup idea! 😎😎 You bootstrap, put a great team together to start building on the idea! 🤓🤓 And then you need investors...What are VC's looking for in startup to invest in it? 🤩🤩 How do VCs or investors decide whether to invest in a startup or not. Three things that VCs … Continue reading Startup Idea? What do VCs look for?

Startup Idea? Let’s go!

Startup Idea? Let’s go!👍👍 Don’t kill your Idea🔥 in your mind! Getting stuck in the “how” of things stops many people from pursuing their dreams. They talk themselves out of taking the idea forward even before validating it and live with the guilt of not starting something of their own. If you have a startup … Continue reading Startup Idea? Let’s go!

Silicon Valley- Woman of Influence Award

Has it ever happened to you that you are so passionate about an idea or a change that you want to bring that you start on an initiative without a detailed plan and give your everything to it? If the answer is yes, then join the club! Last year, after releasing my book "Fast-track Your … Continue reading Silicon Valley- Woman of Influence Award

🔥eWOW #14: Re-entering the Workforce🔥

Whether the break was planned or unplanned, returning into the workforce isn’t easy. It can be disheartening when you keep applying for jobs with no response from the recruiters. Since last few months, I have been coaching a couple of women leaders who are ready to go back to work after a break. And many … Continue reading 🔥eWOW #14: Re-entering the Workforce🔥

eWOW #10: Designing for Life – Part 2

We live many lives in our life..and all of those lives can be fulfilling and happy! In this micropodcast, learn about four steps to design your life for happiness by #prototyping. Enjoy, Share, Like, and Empower. #leadership #business #design #technology #designthinking #success #linkedin #radiopublic #overcast #castbox #stitcher #pocketcasts #inspiration #career #coaching #womenintech #womeninstem #jobsearch #jobseekers … Continue reading eWOW #10: Designing for Life – Part 2