Startup Idea? Let’s go!

Startup Idea? Let’s go!👍👍 Don’t kill your Idea🔥 in your mind! Getting stuck in the “how” of things stops many people from pursuing their dreams. They talk themselves out of taking the idea forward even before validating it and live with the guilt of not starting something of their own. If you have a startup … Continue reading Startup Idea? Let’s go!

Fast-Track Your Leadership Career- Book Reveal Video

My book ”Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” provides a definitive template for advancing your #career. It will be available on #Amazon (both #kindle and print) on Sep 26, 2018. Mark your calendar and SIGN UP BELOW for a #PROMOTION price for first 24 hrs of release!

Introducing my YouTube Channel: Rashim Mogha

Since last couple of years , I have been very active in sharing my thoughts on women leadership, training and enablement, and mindfulness through speaking sessions, workshops, and webcasts. My friends, family, coworkers, and audience have loved the content and found value in it. Based on the feedback, I am excited to share the launch … Continue reading Introducing my YouTube Channel: Rashim Mogha